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ESG: an approach for making urban renovation projects sustainable

How can urban regeneration projects increase their performance in terms of sustainability? In this podcast, Professor Croci, SUR Lab Director, talks about the ESG framework's role in guiding sustainable urban regeneration and the results of the last SUR Lab research focusing on this topic.

Extending the Life Cycle of Products

Through circular economy practices, it is possible to boost innovation, growth and firm competitiveness on the path towards sustainability thanks to increased efficiency in the use of resources, the decreased use of raw materials and the minimization of waste along the supply chains, the reduction of carbon emissions across the entire life cycle of products. Professor Croci, SUR Lab Director, presents the last insights regarding the benefits generated by applying the circular economy approach in different sectors, and the evolution of policy frameworks in the EU and Italy. 

The course "Sustainable urban regeneration" starts Thursday 7th of September

Join the elective course on Sustainable Urban Regeneration and explore the multi-dimensions involved in regeneration processes through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. The course offers the opportunity to learn from national and international guest speakers, visit Milan's most iconic urban regeneration projects and access internships thanks to the collaboration with SUR Lab partners. 

Unlocking urban regeneration potential through the ESG approach

On June 20th, the SUR Lab hosted the workshop “Assessing the impacts of sustainable urban regeneration based on the ESG approach”, presenting the results of its annual research. Outstanding representatives from the real estate, financial, academic and public sectors participated in the workshop raising the relevance of applying the ESG approach to urban regeneration processes for attracting investments and generating long-term value.

Room N08
Valutare gli Impatti della Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile: un quadro basato sui criteri ESG

There is growing attention towards an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) approach in urban regeneration projects. This is driven both by public policies and market demand. SUR Lab will host a workshop on the topic to be held in Room N08, Piazza Sraffa 13, Bocconi University,  on Tuesday 20 June at 2.30pm.
During the workshop, the results of SUR Lab 2022 annual research on this topic will be presented.

On-line streaming
Second Forum of the Mission adaptation to climate change

The annual Forum is a major governance element of the Mission adaptation bringing together national, regional and local authorities, European institutions, and research organisations. Professor Edoardo Croci, SUR Lab Director, opens the event with a keynote speech focused on climate change adaptation strategies and the role of urban regeneration in building resilient cities.
You can follow the event on streaming here. 

Torre Velasca site visit with Hines Italy

On the 7th of June, Bocconi students had the exclusive opportunity to visit Torre Velasca thanks to SUR Lab partner Hines Italy, who is in charge of the iconic building renovation. Torre Velasca, designed by the prestigious architectural firm Studio BBPR, represents one of the most recognised landmarks of Milan. The visit was organized within the Sustainable urban regeneration course (20580) in Bocconi.

Cities Forum 2023

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy organises the 5th edition of CITIES FORUM in Torino from 16 to 17 March 2023. The event brings together key urban stakeholders at European, national, regional and local levels who are committed to green and just future of cities.

ICE agency and the Italian embassy in Mozambique present the workshop: Design quality and energy sustainability

The event focus on the role of Made in Italy and the relevance of supporting energy efficiency and sustainability. Six key speakers will share their knowledge and expertise focusing on academic and industrial points of view. Professor Croci will present an analysis of the role of energy efficiency in the building decarbonization process at the global level.

Students Reinventing Cities - Global competition

After the success of the past edition, C40 has launched a new round of Students Reinventing Cities in 12 cities globally. Students Reinventing Cities provides a unique opportunity for academics and students to collaborate with global cities to imagine a more sustainable and inclusive urban future. Flyover Corvetto is the proposed site for Milan.