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First Masterclass "ESG approaches and models for urban regeneration impact assessment"


On May 27th 2024, the first Masterclass “ESG approaches and models for urban regeneration impact assessment” took place at Bocconi University. During the Masterclass, researchers, professors and experts provided an overview of methods, tools, protocols and procedures for assessing and measuring urban regeneration impacts following an ESG approach which looks at the different dimensions involved in urban regeneration projects: environment, social and governance. Through the Masterclass, participants were informed on the most novelty European initiatives, including the European Taxonomy, and the relevance of assessing and demonstrating the quality and sustainability of urban projects to comply with European law, increase competitiveness, and attract investments. Case studies and applicative examples were also presented during the masterclass. The success of the first Masterclass was recognized by a huge audience participating in the discussion with the experts: 

  • Edoardo Croci, Direttore SUR Lab, Università Bocconi

  • Francesco Perrini, Associate Dean for Sustainability, SDA Bocconi School of Management

  • Benedetta Lucchitta, Ricercatrice SUR Lab, Università Bocconi 

  • Tania Molteni, Ricercatrice SUR Lab, Università Bocconi

  • Giuseppe Zaffino, Founder, Greenwich

HERE the first Mastercalss program.

The Masterclass series has been organised by Bocconi University, with GBC Italy's support, and it is part of MUSA project - Spoke 1.

The next Masterclass will be held on Monday 3rd of June at Bocconi University. Participation is free and subject to Registration.

More information on the program and registration link for the next masterclass can be found HERE.