We aim to develop and spread knowledge, methods, and best practices on Sustainable Urban Regeneration processes and how they generate value for the private sector and society.

The SUR Lab is powered by 3 Partners: Hines, Intesa Sanpaolo, and Prelios.

Our mission is to:

  • Analyze and understand the role of cities in global dynamics.
  • Identify and assess the main drivers of sustainable urban regeneration projects, considering the impact on the environment, economy and society.  
  • Evaluate key phases, actors and mechanisms related to regeneration projects that create value.
  • Understand the functioning and dynamics of real estate markets with reference to sustainability.
  • Assess the funding sources and financial instruments to support urban regeneration projects.
  • Analyze the main protocols and standards to certify and account for the sustainability of urban regeneration projects.
  • Investigate the approaches, mechanisms, and tools to involve stakeholders in urban regeneration projects and promote co-design solutions (social sustainability and community engagement).
  • Evaluate the role of sustainability in asset management and in the evaluation of urban regeneration projects.


Our activities are based on cross-disciplinary approaches and international synergies. We cooperate with a variety of organizations and strategic international actors, including other structures of Bocconi University that deal with sustainability, real estate and finance, and in particular, with GREEN - Centre for Research on Geography, Resources, Environment, Energy & Networks