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COP-27 takeaways and results

Global leaders gathered for the 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in November 2022. Professor Croci, SUR Lab Director, talks about COP-27 main results and how governments' decisions will generate impacts on the environment, the economy and society taking into consideration the Paris Agreement commitments in terms of CO2 emissions reduction.

The interview by IMQ eAmbiente is available here.

Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference

The acceleration of climate change poses relevant challenges to cities and requires their transformation to respond to future conditions and needs. Urban regeneration, fostering compact, mixed-use, sustainable mobility, and reuse and conversion to energy-efficient buildings can trigger substantial transformations by providing effective solutions toward making cities more resilient acting in key dimensions of urban sustainable development.

The video of the event organized by the SUR Lab Bocconi University and cambiaMO | changing Mobility with UN-Habitat is available here.

The Sustainable urban regeneration corse (2022-2023 A.Y.) will start Monday 5th

The course aims to explore sustainable urban regeneration processes considering all dimensions involved with an integrated and multidisciplinary framework approach.

Students will acquire and apply the latest knowledge involved in regenerating urban areas. Furthermore, the course will include several guest speakers from international organizations and the SUR Lab partners.

LA METROPOLI DEI QUARTIERI conversazioni sulla rigenerazione urbana

Milano Urban Center invites all for two days of debate on city regeneration intending to promote innovative solutions for the future of Milan. 

On the 4th of July, professor Croci, SUR Lab director, will attend the first event on "CITTÀ RESPONSABILI, Strumenti e traiettorie per affrontare i disequilibri sociali ed ambientali".

Environmental Social Governance criteria for Sustainable Urban Regeneration - World Urban Forum and SUR Lab event

Urban regeneration is a central topic in both developing and developed countries to bring new life into urban areas and activate new functions and services. The event focuses on the international action to integrate urban regeneration into ecological transition processes, also in light of recovery policies and innovative approaches and practices by institutional and business actors in the sector.

How COVID has changed the way we live and work

At the end of its first year of activity, Bocconi's SUR Lab publishes a position paper on the new living and working models emerging from the pandemic.

The position paper developed by the SUR Lab research team is available here. 

Università Bocconi - Aula AS03, Via Röntgen 1, Milano
New living and working models after Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed the perception of living and working spaces. During the workshops, international speakers and SUR Lab partners will discuss emerging living and working models after the pandemic and how these will change and reshape our cities and lifestyles.

Metropolitan cities and urban sustainable development

In Italy 14 Metropolitan Cities have been established in 2015 by the law. Within the Urban Agenda, Metropolitan cities are now implementing action plans for sustainable development. Dr Cinzia Davoli, Metropolitan City of Milan, and Professor Edoardo Croci, Bocconi University, talk about innovative strategies and methodologies for setting effective and integrated strategies and actions.

The future of cities after the pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has changed our habits and lifestyles, but also our cities. From the 15-minute-city concept to new living and working models, our cities are facing a deep transformation. Edoardo Croci, SUR Lab director and professor at  Bocconi University, talks about solutions and best practices to promote healthy and sustainable cities.  

MilanoSesto site visit with Bocconi students and Hines delegates

On 11th April 2022, Bocconi students visited the MilanoSesto project site, the most important urban renewal project in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The visit was organized thanks to Hines Italy who is in charge of the project development.