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Masterclasses series - Urban Regeneration models' innovation and impact assessment

27/05/2024 01/07/2024

Urban regeneration can provide significant economic, social, and environmental impacts embedding sustainability principles to improve the use of resources, circularity, resilience, liveability, and quality of life. Planning, managing, and evaluating urban regeneration processes therefore requires integrating skills. 

The SUR Lab, within MUSA - Spoke 1, is launching a Masterclass series on Urban Regeneration models' innovation and impact assessment. The masterclass cycle aims to provide the tools to understand and govern urban regeneration processes, considering innovative business models, value generation mechanisms, and the role of public and private stakeholders. 

From May 27th 2024, you are invited to register for the 5 Masterclasses. 

HERE you can apply to each Masterclass and the final workshop. 

Each masterclass gives an in-depth overview of a specific topic, entailing a combination of lessons, testimonies and case studies analysis, with the active engagement of participants. Participants can attend one or more masterclasses based on their interests. The series ends with a final workshop where key players of urban regeneration discuss the contents and results of the masterclasses.

The course addresses public administrators and public officers, designers, developers, construction companies, asset managers, investors and other players involved in urban regeneration and transformation.