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Fifth Masterclass "Evaluate and govern risks in the management of real estate assets"


On June 24th 2024, the fifth and last Masterclass “Evaluate and govern risks in the management of real estate assets” took place at Bocconi University. The Masterclass presented the current methodologies and instruments employed by developers, contractors, financial institutions and asset managers to analyze and deal with different risks related to the real estate sector, such as climate, institutional and market risks, intending to provide solutions and strategies to mitigate negative impacts and maximize long-term asset values. In particular, the Masterclass provided an extensive overview of how to assess and measure environmental and climate change risks connected to real estate investment and asset management, evaluating their impact on economic and financial dimensions. Participants were actively involved in the discussion by engaging with the experts:

  • Silvia Ciancaglini, ESG Referent, BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management
  • Eleonora Fontana, Sustainability Specialist & Senior Manager, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Nicolò Denaro, Head of Real Estate Acquisition & Special Situations, Prelios
  • Gianluca Natalini, Business Consultant, CRIF

HERE the fifth Masterclass program.

The Masterclass series has been organised by Bocconi University, with GBC Italy's support, and it is part of MUSA project - Spoke 1.

The final workshop will be held on Monday 1st of July at Bocconi University. Participation is free and subject to registration.

More information on the program and the previous masterclass can be found HERE.