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MUSA - Spoke 1

MUSA (Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action) is an Innovation Ecosystem funded by the Ministry of University and Research under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNNR, Mission 4, Component 2, Investment 1.5). MUSA involves 4 universities based in Milan and it entails 6 thematic Spokes, 24 partners and more than 970 researchers involved. 

Spoke 1 - Urban Regeneration (City of Tomorrow) - aims to develop and test innovative solutions and integrated models for urban regeneration. It is characterised by an integrated approach that allows considering different dimensions of urban regeneration: natural environment, circularity, energy systems and sustainable mobility. Bocconi University performs a cross-cutting role. Its activities are finalized to:

  1. define and test innovative business models
  2. analyze and validate economic instruments to implement urban regeneration measures
  3. assess socio-economic impacts generated at the urban scale

The SUR Lab is in charge of the scientific coordination of Bocconi activities in Spoke 1.


Masterclasses series - Urban Regeneration models' innovation and impact assessment

Urban regeneration can provide significant economic, social, and environmental impacts embedding sustainability principles to improve the use of resources, circularity, resilience, liveability, and quality of life. Planning, managing, and evaluating urban regeneration processes therefore requires integrating diversified skills and considering the contribution of the different actors. The masterclass cycle aims to provide the tools to understand and govern urban regeneration processes, considering innovative business models, value generation mechanisms, and the role of public and private stakeholders. The course will make use of international case studies, involve site visits to iconic projects, and host representatives of key players in urban regeneration.

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The series includes five masterclasses of 6 hours each. Classes take place over five Mondays starting from May 27th, 2024. Each masterclass gives an in-depth overview of a specific topic, entailing a combination of lessons, testimonies and case studies analysis, with the active engagement of participants. Participants can attend one or more masterclasses based on their interests. The series ends with a final workshop where key players of urban regeneration discuss the contents and results of the masterclasses.

27/05/2024 - ESG approaches and models for urban regeneration impact assessment Program and Registration

03/06/2024 - Creating value through urban planning instruments and policies Program and Registration

10/06/2024 - Public-private partnership models for urban regeneration Program and Registration

17/06/2024 - Design carbon-neutral buildings and neighborhoods Program and Registration

24/06/2024 - Evaluate and govern risks in the management of real estate assets Program and Registration

01/07/2024 Workshop - Urban regeneration models’ innovation and impact assessment - Key players compared Program and Registration

Attendance is free and limited to 60 participants. Admission will take place based on the order of registration to be carried out for each individual masterclass. Confirmation of admission will then be sent. The final workshop is not subject to participation limits.

The program addresses public administrators and public officers, designers, developers, construction companies, asset managers, investors and other players involved in urban regeneration and trasformation.

Attendees will receive a certificate of participation. The first five masterclasses are organized in collaboration with the Ordine degli Architetti PPC della Provincia di Milano. For each masterclass, 6 cfp will be assigned to architects (minimum attendance: 100%).