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Sustainable Urban Regeneration Course 2023-2024 A.Y.

The course in Sustainable Urban Regeneration, Department of Social and Political Sciences, aims to explore sustainable urban regeneration processes considering all dimensions (including environmental and socioeconomic) with an integrated and multidisciplinary framework approach. This allows for planning, assessing, and evaluating urban regeneration processes and projects considering the different perspectives of local authorities, real estate and financial operators, investors, and other key stakeholders. 

The course will provide students with the ability to contribute to sustainable urban regeneration processes operating for a variety of private and public actors, which will be involved also through project works and testimonies.

The course in the I semester will take advantage of the knowledge provided by the SUR Lab and the experiences shared by Partners.
Indeed, students will be involved in real cases, thanks to the connection with the Lab and its partners, operating in the development, financing and management of innovative projects in global cities.

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