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The Sustainable urban regeneration corse (2022-2023 A.Y.) will start Monday 5th

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The elective course “Sustainable urban regeneration" (2022-2023 A.Y.) will start Monady 5th.

The course aims to explore sustainable urban regeneration processes considering all dimensions involved with an integrated and multidisciplinary framework approach.

Urban regeneration has been known as a way to reorganize and upgrade areas that have experienced a decline or have been left empty by socioeconomic transformations (e.g. former industrial sites). With the acknowledgment of cities’ environmental impacts and the growing issue of land over consumption, urban regeneration has been increasingly considered as an alternative strategy to urbanizing new land and has now been integrated with sustainability principles, to promote a new model of urban development that optimizes the use of resources, circularity, resilience, liveability and urban quality of life.

Students will acquire and apply the latest knowledge of the ESG issues involved in regenerating urban areas. Furthermore, specific case studies of urban regeneration at the global level will be analyzed to individuate policy and business models delivering successful urban regeneration.

The course will include several guest speakers from international organizations and the SUR Lab partners.

Learn more about the course here.

Photo credit: CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash