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Open Lombardia Next Generation: an interview with professor Edoardo Croci on urban regeneration for sustainable growth


The urban regeneration is considered a key driver for sustainable urban growth. Urban regeneration can generate multiple effects including social, environmental and economic benefits. 

In this interview, held by Open Lombardia Next Generation, Professor Croci talks about the role of urban regeneration process in leading the urban transition towards sustainability. In the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan, urban regeneration is promoted through two Missions, i.e., Mission 2 on ‘Green Revolution and Ecological Transition’ and Mission 5 on ‘Inclusion and Cohesion’ which dedicates more than 10 billion for financing urban regeneration projects. 

Photo credit: Zach Rowlandson on Unsplash

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VIDEO Croci (Bocconi): “Così la rigenerazione urbana è fulcro di sviluppo”