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The EU directive "Green Homes" and the italian challenges

Green houses

The recent approval of the EU "Green Homes" directive sets new and progressive restrictions on GHG emissions and energy usage for the building sector.

Interviewed by Rai News, Professor Edoardo Croci explains that building energy efficiency is crucial to achieving EU climate neutrality, as buildings are responsible for 40% of total energy use and almost one-third of total emissions.

The directive, approved in the context of the EU Green Deal, poses important challenges to Italy, as its building assets are fairly aged and obsolete compared to other Member States. More than 60% of buildings are still in energy classes G and F, explains Professor Croci.

Therefore, our country will require significant investments and new incentive mechanisms to boost the renovation. In this context, professor Croci highlights the valuable opportunity to integrate a building renovation plan with the new PNIEC (Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan) that is expected in June 2024.

The full episode with the interview is available HERE (in Italian).